GoodU.ca (GoodUniverse) is the personal blog of Christian Joore. Its purpose is to explore topics on Physics, Philosophy, Epistemology, and Consciousness in order to gain a fresh perspective on reality or ‘what is’. If you would like to comment, please feel free to post replies on the blog or contact Christian via email – cjoore|at|sympatico|dot|ca

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Christian Joore

Born in Mississauga and having lived in various parts of Central and Northern Ontario, Christian, his wife Sarah, and daughters Isabella & Sophie, now call Peterborough home.

In the early 90’s Christian had attended both Sir Sandford Fleming College and Durham College achieving diplomas in Communications Design and Electrical Engineering respectively. After class Christian worked part-time for a small photographic studio in Peterborough, gaining experience in every aspect of traditional photography; from on-site shoots, to processing film, to long hours in the darkroom.

A few decades later, Christian now works as a Pre-Media specialist for a trade printer in the Toronto area. He also operates a digital art studio – Deep Vision Studio – from his home in Peterborough. His hobbies and interests include: astronomy, photography, philosophy and physics.