Snow is White

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Snow is White
A poem by Christian Joore:

Snow is white,
they say
And you listen?

What is told
and what is real
are different things

What is known
from what is told,
is like sleeping

I try to awake
but the trying
gets in the way

Instead I see
the snowflake
on my sleeve,



Snow is white—it seems incontestable, yet it’s truth is quite delicate. If you examine a single snowflake very closely you will find that it’s crystal structure is almost completely transparent, not white at all.

The ‘whiteness’ of snow is due to the diffusion of light as numerous snowflakes aggregate together in a heap. In a conventional sense snow ‘is’ white, just as it appears. In essence however white snow is a personal impression, not a complete external fact.

The observer then is a vital factor in the account of what is perceived true. In other words Snow is White because of you. This makes truth relative, not absolute. Or put another way, it’s a ‘quality’ of reality rather than an indisputable fact of it.

I don’t mean for you not to see white snow again—the first snowfall in winter is always beautiful, just know when it melts into the ground it shows its true colour.


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