The colour of wind

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The Colour of Wind
A poem by Christian Joore

What is White atop the crests
of the waves out at sea?
What is Black whilst I sleep
and the storm looms outside?
What is Red on the shoulders
of the blackbird overhead?
and blows Green on the grass
that bows to the earth?
The colour of wind,
harmony in hue,
a quality best expressed
not as two, or one,
but as …


The poem breaks at the end, this is done by purpose. It draws attention to its missing last word which is the essence of the message.

But why hide its essence?  

The poem speaks to something that is beyond itself, of course all poetry does. It is an idea that should not be completely verbalized, for if it is expressed to completion it will destroy it. so I will leave it undone. If you’re wondering what the final word is you need only ask Joshu about his dog to find it. Be careful with the question though it can polarize an answer unnaturally. It is two characters long and it is a deep truth if you can get a sense of it.

Here is the poem’s spirit:

The Black Bird

  • The color of wind is the harmonious integration found within nature. A bird has evolved wings because of wind, and it expresses its nature through the colors of its feathers.

The Ocean

  • Out on the ocean, waves are generated by wind. It combs the ocean’s hair upwards, punctuating each crests with spray of water. These crowns of white add moisture to the wind which will eventually feeds intensity to a storm. 

The Grass

  • Grass is green because of photosynthesis, which makes air. Grass bows to the earth by exhaling oxygen. When it blows, the grass bows again. Simple harmony. Air moves because of our sun heating one side of the planet. When air warms it expands and rises, rising air leaves a hole for the cool night air to rush in and take its place.

The Night Storm

  • When the blackness of night comes, its cool night air can cause storms and lightning. When the storm rains it delivers its ocean to the land which allows the grass to grow. When the black of night and the brightness of lightning clash, they create a harmonious contrast like the red streaks across the shoulders of blackbirds.The black of night is not the opposite of light, but the absence of light. Like a bird that streaks through the sky, so too does light and color want to flash across black. And when it does, it’s beautiful.

Perhaps now you are getting a sense that all my examples are coming together; the Black Bird, the night storm, the grass, the ocean waves – they are all interconnected as an expression of nature, pure and true. And expression that is both implicit and explicit at the same time.

It is all a tantalizing non-duality if one can awaken to it. It points towards a transcendent idea – but not one idea, and not more one than one either …

‘Not as two, nor one, but as … ‘

Logically if something is not singular, it must be plural. Or if it is not plural it must be singular. However this is a trap language has set. Wind is not only wind, color is not only color, but they are facets of a whole that should not be broken apart and sharply analyzed. 




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