One Thousand Koans

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One Thousand Koans
A poem by Christian Joore

If one thousand Koans
come to your front door,
run upstairs and go
onto the roof.
Sit and watch then
a tranquil moon
hang over
the vast horizon,
and fear not the cold
or getting drowsy,
for your burning house
will keep you awake.

The house in the poem is a metaphor for an ego-centric structure that you have built for your ‘self’ to reside. Things come in and out of the building as you see fit, but if numerous Koans where to slip in the front door they begin to challenge this structure.

A strange relief comes outside on the roof where you are met with a beautiful scene, you feel very much more connected out here than in the closed spaces you’ve built. Out here your self dissolves across a wider perspective (the horizon), and the tranquil moon quiets your chattering, conceptualizing mind.

After a while you stop worrying over the burning house, as your new view is leaving you warmed and awakened by the cinders of your ego.



By The Way: a mini-meditation

The tendrils of this Boston Ivy help the plant climb the trellis in my backyard. It grasps the wood without deliberation, without conscious effort or intention, a successful athlete moves in this way.

Think on this awhile.

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