Wise Breezes

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Wise Breezes
by Christian Joore

From stone and steel I stand
watchfully over the land,
witness to wise breezes
sway fields
towards the horizon.
How empirical it is
to sit here by this fire,
Warming comfortably,
With knowledge
that comes easily,
Yet is perception
knowing completely?
Is cognition reality?
Just then a strange gust
Blows open my door.
What will get me walking?
I am not sure,
But I stare and have not moved to shut it.
Oh, I can hear what they will say,
“Seekers that set walking,
always return before dark
and with empty hands no less.”
Yes, dear maiden,
it’s true they do,
but notice not their hands,
but how they walk,
in curious calm,
in riveting rapture,
everyday thereafter.

A poem about the boundaries of empiricism, the illusory logic that scaffolds our lives  and provides for conventional existence. This however gives way to ‘absolute truth’ at its fringe, or what is beyond human experience. Once this is realized, it becomes the quiet call to the mystery, that either captures you or doesn’t. In deciding to follow it becomes the ‘way’ in your life, a path that manifest’s itself deeply, purely, beyond words.


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