Soundless Sound

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Soundless Sound
by Christian Joore

It’s hot. The sun shines insufferably,
a blistering brightness too intense to open your eyes to.
The sand feels molten, like red hot iron filings, they cut and cauterize your skin. Every direction sizzles with burning tones, agonizing under scintillating waves. Rolling, buckling, against the shore of my awareness, a symphony of sweltering energy, assaulting my senses, commanding me to here and now.
I close my eyes to imagine the spaces between.

Then there is something,
iridescent and coppery,
hunting across the baking vista.
It floats along the surface,
like a distant fiery tornado,
approaching to twist me from the earth, cook me alive,
and swirl my burning dust into the sky.

Yet, the form is beautiful,
moving gently through the blaze.
She has no fear, no discomfort,
I feel no threat.
She is translucent and bristles with a faint static energy,
hissing like blowing fields of wheat.

‘This must be a dream’, I say.
‘Why’, she asks.
‘You appear as an hallucination.’
‘Like this place is, as much as your mind sees it’, she says.
‘I don’t understand’
‘Don’t allow your coherence to blind you. The distance between what you are and what you see is fanciful and distracting. You are more it, than it seems separate from you. Close your eyes and extend to its ground, as a blind man’s stick extends his experience into the emptiness.’
Then she was gone.

It was then I felt better, more at ease,
a scorching torrent to an affable breeze.
And what was once arid,
had become lush,
echoing with a resounding hush,
this soundless sound, deeply found,
fathoms around me.

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