The Meaning of Life

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The Meaning of Life
by: Christian Joore

What is the meaning of life?

In the movie, “A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, a super-computer named ‘Deep Thought’ was created for the sole purpose of computing the meaning of everything – and after seven and half million years it presented the answer ’42’. Apparently an absurd conclusion, however in an abstract way the answer might be appropriate for a machine whose awareness of it’s existence and experiences (if that’s possible) has been facilitated through binary logic. That is to say what it feels is meaningful emerges as a certain computation deep in its circuitry and random access memory. Sure, why not?

Regardless of who asks the question, the question is not a valid one. ‘Meaning’ is not an inherent or objective feature of life outside any experience of it. And so the question should be rephrased as: ‘what do I feel is the significance and value of being alive?’ This shows it takes a sentient being that is aware of their existence in the universe to formulate ‘a meaning’ in relation to their experience of it. Meaning is very personal and relational.

Basically, I think the ‘meaning of life’ question is a rhetorical one. It means to evoke a meditation of sorts that reflects life’s significance and value to that being. The very act of which is significant of itself… Why, you ask? Because we can. And so the ‘meaning’ is to be aware of the question, yet not to construct an answer per se, but rather live the answer instead.


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