The Beacon

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The Beacon
by Christian Joore

For a fish to know water
It must be pulled from it,
As we have been pulled
from the universe to know it.
Gasping with consciousness,
deep inside its wholeness,
we divide broadly along a fracture
breaking two horizons;
the blackness between the stars,
the everythingness between the atoms.
This is something glorious;
a Space that allows Time to span,
a Time that gives a place to happen,
a beautiful spectacle of dimensions,
For a mind to cradle lovingly
Where Time gives to memory,
what Space gives to change,
A memory of change, experience.
A memory of experience, awareness.
A memory of awareness,
the light pulled from the nothingness.
A beacon that scintillates
between infinite horizons,
shinning outward
over dark seas of fish.

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