Short Story: Voyage into ‘The Everything’

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Voyage to ‘The Everything’
By: Christian Joore

I am weary. I feel it coming as my final moments march over me, pushing my essence behind closed doors. My family is here, clutching my hands and staying close as I drift. I am peaceful, relaxed and accepting of whatever may happen… of what will happen.

The bedside clock glares at me silently, how I wish for a warm ticking sound to lull me through this transitional time, this ending, my ending. Exhaustion sits heavily on my chest, blurring my vision and darkening the corners of the room. Curls of electricity crawl out from the shadows but as I turn to examine them but they scamper away.

These moments are now few and precious, so what affirmation do I have to honour my gift of life? What shall my final thoughts be?

In the beginning you are not aware of your own birth but in the end you are given a front row seat. I will rise and honour this gift of consciousness by accepting these final moments with an open mind and an open heart, acknowledging that death is natural and not be feared. For just as my atoms have come together to form me, they disassemble and return me back into the universe. This is the cycle of nature, a renewal of matter where all is fair in the conservation of mass.

But what of my essence? If my body dies will my mental ‘self’ die as well? Why could it not go on like a ghost-in-the-machine, haunting the boundary between the Quantum and the Classical worlds? Is the mental so inextricably bound the physical that the end of it is the end of both? Is my ‘self’ so inconsequential to the universe that it is easily expendable? For if consciousness is the universe’s greatest gift, would it not be losing something precious if I die?  For without someone to acknowledge its splendor, see it mysteries and wonder deeply about it, what does it become? It is sad and incomplete without us.

I feel my essence has become dislodged from it mooring. I am giving in to it, retreating to some primal place, molting, shedding my outer physicality and becoming something else. I am drifting out beyond where my body lay, my essence is free.

Silence falls, time stops, and then blackness turns to nothingness.

Then, as if from a long sleep I awaken, disoriented and half buried in sand. A cold dark desert surrounds me, desolate in every direction. I hear music far off in the distance. It is ethnic, a stringed instrument and strange drum whose haunting tones echoe eerily.

Where am I?

I find a path cut through the sand, the twilight keeps it lit for me. Others have been in this direction before, so I begin to walk.

It is almost pitch-black and my vision is struggling to adjust. The sky and ground are becoming hard to distinguish, they’re becoming one thing, a fuzzy static, a ghostly coloured hiss like seeing through night-vision goggles. I feel like I have walked out into a bristling field of energy. The friction between my feet and the sand have dissappeared, I am floating, soaring above a vast chasm. A chasm that shimmers and sizzles, like fields of dry wheat blowing in an autumn breeze. It feels good.

There is symmetry here, a natural harmony. It is timeless and without boundary. I am at peace and can move effortlessly like flying in a dream. But this isn’t a dream, I am very aware of myself, my surroundings, and what is happening. Strangely my previous human life feel like the dream now.

It is mysterious here but is revealing itself to me. Talking without language, letting me know where I am, answering my questions and keeping me at ease. I am in awe of it.

I tells me that everything is alright, that my essence has unfolded into the Quantum, a sub-atomic matrix where I can move freely through extra-dimensions and experience the absolute universe, vigorous and complete. Not above or below any previous human reality but more all around it, adjacent to it, breaking off at right angles from it.

I will call it ‘The Everything’.

As I explore I find structures scattered throughout its infinite topology, collections of light, but they are much more than that. They are enormous, yet they have no depth. They are thin like paper. They break the symmetry of the Quantum, shattering through it like a crack in an iceberg. As I gaze upwards at one of them, I see a bright point of light at the top, a towering lighthouse surrounded by turbulent seas. A point of origin that gushes forward birthing an expansion of tumbling energy. It flows like a waterfall down some stone edifice, life forming within it swirls and eddies.

These structures are time and space splitting off from the Quantum and pouring out a living universe, a universe that is a reflection of the Quantum, a hologram that rides on the back of it.

As I get closer I can feel the passage the time flowing through its curtain of energy, like watching a torrent of river water raging against rocks on the shore. I feel the progression of a world very much like the one I left behind. A world of simpler dimensions and collapsed Quantum super-positional states. I see life emerge, consciousness embedded within the surface, floating like leaves a river.

I find several of these structures, all around, multiple universes hung like laundry in the Quantum fog.

Is this heaven? Is God here? Or is God not a being but simply this place and its systems, full of robust and immeasurable potential, a nursery for which universes blossom and thrive, only later to return to The Everything as unbroken symmetry, again and again. A cycle of life, flowing naturally without design, energized with wonderful possibility.

But why I am here? Why is the Quantum revealing itself to me? I am part of this system but my purpose is unclear. Was my essence meant to return to the Quantum? Was I chosen to? Was it a mistake? Perhaps I am to oversee the birth of these universes?

I have been given a gift, I am witness to the deepest truths and I wish I could tell them, communicate what I have found. Give them the evidence for their String Theories and provide the answers humanity so desperately seeks. If I could affirm this afterlife to them it would give peace to all and would stop the religious wars. I must learn as much as I can in case I go back.

Farther out the structures become less numerous and smaller too. Some are only points of light, barren of structure. I wander to them. They float above me, gracefully moving about like wind chimes in a calm breeze. I can here them hum, like high voltage lines.

I proceed through them. They become quiet and still. I stop and cautiously look upwards. Breaking my quiet anticipation, I am startled as they begin to communicate. Not through speech but through transference of thought, telepathy, messages whose meanings are not encoded in clumsy language, but rather beyond words, potent and concise. I am being called upon, compelled to draw nearer.

One of the lights descends from its lofty apex and glides down towards me. As it approaches I can feel an energy force surrounding it. It envelopes me and I am now caught in its undertow, trapped like a ship in a giant whirlpool, encapsulated within high walls of crackling energy. We are coming closer together, revolving around each other, moving with divine purpose.

As we touch our combined electricity explodes outward into a blinding pulse of light that coalesces into a vast landscape. I can feel our energy creating it, crafting its nature, developing its properties. I can see structures pull themselves together, swirling pockets of light, bursting with stars, forming galaxies. Reinforced in dark matter and anchored to black holes, the galaxy’s cluster in vast web like structures. A universe is born.

Now it all becomes clear. Life makes life, it is a cycle. My essence is chosen in the quantum, paired with another and mated with the purpose to create a universe and ultimately new life as well. Life that learns from existence, expires  and returns to the Quantum, bringing its experiences and wisdom to craft another world, perhaps a better world. It’s an evolution on a universal scale with life as the common thread that weaves the fabric of ‘The Everything’ for ever and ever.

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