Supermassive Star

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Supermassive Star

Supermassive stars are quite rare, as far as we know there are only a few dozen of them in our own galaxy. These stars have more than 100 times the mass of our Sun and produce more than a million times the light.

As these stars reach 120 solar masses they loose their ability to hold themselves together. This is because the outward pressure of radiant energy from its core exceeds the inward pull of its own gravity; in essence it is pushing itself apart.

These stars are difficult to study as they are usually very far away and are shrouded within clouds of out-flowing gas.

This scene depicts a binary planet system orbiting within a tenuous habitable zone faraway from this star. An advanced civilization has set up mining operations here and a transport ship is shown leaving the surface, taking its payload to a depot on another system.

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